Packaging Vorta

If you are looking to package Vorta for a new platform or have issues with an existing package, join the Packaging Discussion on Github.

macOS Application Bundle

To build a macOS app package, run the Github Actions workflow “Build macOS release”. You can choose a repo branch and Borg version to use. The workflow will do the following:

  1. Build an application bundle using PyInstaller
  2. Integrate Sparkle (for updates) and Borg (as fallback if Borg isn’t installed)
  3. Provide the resulting app bundle as zipped artifact for downloading

After downloading the app bundle, unzip it and open it with right-click > open to get around Gatekeeper.

Once you are happy with the app, sign and package it as DMG locally using make dist/Vorta.dmg. For this step, XCode and create-dmg should be installed and those environment variables defined:

  • CERTIFICATE_NAME=”Developer ID Application: Joe Doe (XXXXXX)”
  • APPLE_ID_PASSWORD=”@keychain:Notarization”

Linux with Flatpak

Follow the setup guide on to make sure you have flatpak and flathub installed.

You also need to have flatpak-builder installed, which is usually available from the same repository as the flatpak package.

Install the org.kde 5.12 runtime and SDK

$ flatpak install flathub org.kde.Platform//5.12 org.kde.Sdk//5.12

Make a repo for your local builds (If you get the error: Remote listing for my-flatpak-builds not available; server has no summary file. Check the URL passed to remote-add was valid you can ignore it):

$ mkdir ~/my-flatpak-builds
$ flatpak remote-add --user --no-gpg-verify my-flatpak-builds ~/my-flatpak-builds

Next, in Vorta’s source directory, use flatpak-builder to build a Vorta flatpak and install it (this can take more than an hour):

$ cd vorta/flatpak/
$ mkdir app
$ flatpak-builder --repo=$HOME/my-flatpak-builds app com.borgbase.Vorta.yaml
$ flatpak install --user my-flatpak-builds com.borgbase.Vorta//devel -y

Now you can work on the codebase. When you want to test your changes you can execute inside of vorta/flatpak/

$ flatpak-builder --repo=$HOME/my-flatpak-builds app com.borgbase.Vorta.yaml --force-clean && flatpak update com.borgbase.Vorta//devel -y
$ flatpak run com.borgbase.Vorta//devel

To set which branch of Vorta (master from flathub or devel from local development setup) will be used in your OS you can use

$ flatpak make-current com.borgbase.vorta [master|devel]