Packaging Vorta

Linux with Flatpak

Follow the setup guide on to make sure you have flatpak and flathub installed.

You also need to have flatpak-builder installed, which is usually available from the same repository as the flatpak package.

Install the org.kde 5.12 runtime and SDK

$ flatpak install flathub org.kde.Platform//5.12 org.kde.Sdk//5.12

Make a repo for your local builds (If you get the error: Remote listing for my-flatpak-builds not available; server has no summary file. Check the URL passed to remote-add was valid you can ignore it):

$ mkdir ~/my-flatpak-builds
$ flatpak remote-add --user --no-gpg-verify my-flatpak-builds ~/my-flatpak-builds

Next, in Vorta’s source directory, use flatpak-builder to build a Vorta flatpak and install it (this can take more than an hour):

$ cd vorta/flatpak/
$ mkdir app
$ flatpak-builder --repo=$HOME/my-flatpak-builds app com.borgbase.Vorta.yaml
$ flatpak install --user my-flatpak-builds com.borgbase.Vorta//devel -y

Now you can work on the codebase. When you want to test your changes you can execute inside of vorta/flatpak/

$ flatpak-builder --repo=$HOME/my-flatpak-builds app com.borgbase.Vorta.yaml --force-clean && flatpak update com.borgbase.Vorta//devel -y
$ flatpak run com.borgbase.Vorta//devel 

To set which branch of Vorta (master from flathub or devel from local development setup) will be used in your OS you can use

$ flatpak make-current com.borgbase.vorta [master|devel]