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Install on Linux


Can be installed on any Linux distribution. Find Vorta on Flathub. To install:

$ flatpak install flathub com.borgbase.Vorta

Settings can be transferred by copying ~/.local/share/Vorta/settings.db to ~/.var/app/com.borgbase.Vorta/data/Vorta/.

Maintained by @Hofer-Julian.

Install from Source

The most generic way is to install it as Python package using PIP. First install Borg using the package of your distribution or via PyPI. The latter needs some additional source packages. Then install Vorta from PyPI. Your local Python version must be >= 3.6.

$ pip3 install vorta

Add Entry to Application Launcher

You can add a .desktop entry to get a link to Vorta in your application launcher, usually ~/.local/share/applications/vorta.desktop. Use the template available here and adjust the Exec and Icon paths if necessary.

Distribution Packages

Arch Linux

Use the AUR package.

$ yay -S vorta

Maintained by @bjo81.

RPM-based packages

Can be used on for Fedora, EPEL (and friends), OpenSuse, Mageia and CentOS >= 7. For more details see the custom repo.

$ sudo dnf copr enable luminoso/vorta
$ sudo dnf install vorta

Maintained by @luminoso

Solus Linux

Use the official package. Command for install:

$ sudo eopkg it vorta

Maintained by @kyrios123.

Ubuntu Linux

Use the official PPA. Supports 20.04 and greater. Command for install:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:samuel-w1/vorta
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install vorta

Maintained by @samuel-w.

Looking to maintain a package? Open an issue or pull request and it will be added here.