Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name “Vorta”?

Vorta are a race referenced in Star Trek. After dying they are replaced by their cloned backup. Just like your data.

Can I use Vorta on Windows?

Borg, the underlying library we use doesn’t work directly with Windows, but works on Windows 10 WSL 1 and 2. See this Github issue for details.

Vorta is based on Qt, which also works on Windows. Get in touch if you have a working setup on Windows.

Something doesn’t work. Where can I get help?

For general questions or to simply talk about Vorta, hit us up at Matrix

If you have found a bug or miss a feature, look into the existing Github issues or open a new one.

If your questions are Borg-specific, join the #borgbackup IRC channel on instead. Matrix is very suitable to be used as an always-on IRC-client, simply register/identify to NickServ and then join the room