Pruning Backups

Note: This article assumes you have Vorta correctly configured and making backups. If you need help with this, please check out the other Usage articles in the sidebar, or visit the Download page for different install options.

Pruning is one of the more powerful features of Borg, but also can be one of the more dangerous. It’s highly advised that you read the official borg documentation for more information on it before enabling it in your backup workflow.

Step 1 - Launch Vorta

Launch Vorta, open the Archives tab and click on Prune Options And Archive Naming.

Step 2 - Tweaking the Settings

In a nutshell, the prune options decide what particular archives from your Borg backup get deleted over time. As Vorta says–Usually, you will keep more newer, and fewer old archives. With pruning, Borg looks at each prune rule before moving on to the next one. Make sure to read the official borg documentation before pruning to know exactly how it works. After tweaking your settings to your liking, its time to move to pruning.

Step 3a - Manually Pruning

Manually pruning your archives from borg is as simple as clicking on the button in the Archives tab.

Step 3a - Scheduled Pruning

Adding pruning to your backup schedule is as simple as clicking on the Prune old Archives after each backup box in the Schedule tab.

After this, Vorta will prune your archives according to your selected configuration each time it makes a backup.